Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A Zine Thing

During National Youth Week in April, I attended a zine workshop presented by A Zine Thing which was held at the Bendigo Library. A Zine Thing is a zine collective based in Frankston, Melbourne. And have become more workshop orientated (which was held by Tash and her travelling suitcases of zines and typewriters).

We were able to create our own zine using typewriters, cut and pasting, stamps, hand writing, stencils to name a few. I started making mine with a fairy-tale theme which seems to be popping up with the zines I have made in the paste.

I used various cut outs and textual mediums to create a small zine made from one sheet of A4 paper, then photocopied in black and white tones as well as trying out a colour copy to see the contrast in colour used and also the textures of various papers including old book pages.

I hope to get my little shop up and running again online and hopefully pop up a few of my zines, so stay tuned. 

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