Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Mab Graves: Spectrum

One of my favourite artists Mab Graves was in the country last month to open her exhibition Spectrum at the Auguste Clown Gallery in Fitzroy. It was an amazing (and sold out) opening night. She is such a delight. 

I was able to purchase some little keepsakes of her artwork like a pocket mirror, cards, and a small print to add to my small collection of art.

Also on show was sculptural pieces and customized Blythe dolls. 

^ Mab Graves and I at the opening. Photo was taken by Rebecca Grant who I met at the opening. 

The exhibition finished on May 3rd. However do keep your eye out on all the upcoming exhibitions Auguste Clown has, as they look magical. 

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kellyhartland.com said...

How precious is her work!

... and all those red dots :)