Monday, February 9, 2015

hidden art treasures

I was lucky enough to assist with a paste-up workshop with a group of young and passionate artists (that are apart of COG Art: Bendigo Young Artists Project 2015). Each artist had their own style and creative process. I myself gave a brief talk and run down about my art practice and history.

All paste-ups were created on paper with fine liners, sharpies and copic markers. To paste-up we made up half a batch of wallpaper glue which can be purchased at all good hardware stores. It is also fairly inexpensive. It can be easily removed as well. As most street art it is/can be temporary.

The works can be see in Chancery Lane, opposite El Gordo. They are placed amongst tins of potted plants and other various paste-ups that have gone up in previous years.

The Artists: