Saturday, March 17, 2018

Chinese Tea Workshop

As part of the Zinda Festival there was a small workshop held all to do with Chinese Tea, mostly about brewing, and the different types that are popular in their culture. It was held by Angela Zheng, who will also be holding various workshops through out the year at the Old Church on the Hill including calligraphy, tea, language and dumplings. 

I learnt that with the leaf teas, you brew a pot but don't drink the first one; it is for cleansing the leaves, also allowing them to expand and open. Once poured you see the colour, smell and then sip. Tasting on both sides of your mouth. Some teas were sweeter than others, from a various leaf ones and including one similar to an Oolong tea.

Another idea that Angela suggested was making your own Orange tea by using the peel of oranges or mandarins, either drying them out in the oven or outside in the sun, adding them to the tea while brewing. You can even add some honey to create a more sweeter taste.

^ Rose Petal tea that was brewed & tasted in a small ceramic cup.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

covers & artworks

^ Purchase the Twin Peaks Fanzine by Bloomurder here.
Cover art, plus my piece within the zine.

^ Purchase F*EMS: Lost and Found issue here.
Cover art, plus my piece within the zine.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Zine Scene :: Write on the Fringe 2017

Zine Scene Bendigo this year at the Write on the Fringe Festival with a drop-in workshop for creating zines at the Bendigo Library. There were a lot of youngsters as there were many other activities on that day through out the library, it got them getting creative with books and words.

 ^ Photograph by Craig Middleton of Central Vic Pics, 2017.

^ The Zine Scene nook near the Red Well Cafe in the Bendigo Library.

cARTel :: Artisan Journal Volume 3

I contributed again this year to the cARTel Artisan Journal Volume 3. The Journals that have been bound so far are archived in the Bendigo Library, they were also all on display during this years Write on the Fringe Festival.

'cARTel is a guerilla approach towards the recognition and support of artists, by creating alternative platforms from which the artist can become known.'

^ Monsieur Jupiter by me, created with Graphite, Ink and Pencil.

^ cARTel Artisan Journal Volume 3.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

A Twin Peaks Fanzine


^ Photograph taken from Bloomurder Zines Facebook.

"This is an A5, 22 page, full colour zine.

It features art and writing from a number of Twin Peaks fans expressing their love for the Lynchian masterpiece." 

Thanks to Laura of Bloomurder Zines for creating this fanzine and for myself and others to contribute our work to it. You can purchase your copy here. Can't wait to get my copy in the mail.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Write on the Fringe 2017 Workshop

The Write on the Fringe 2017 program is now live and can be found via the Bendigo Library website.  You can keep up to date with the Zine Scene Bendigo over on Facebook.  

Another event to check out is the launch of this years Co.lab exhibition which is also launching with the new Cartel Artisans Journal, which myself & Jaynelee Maxfield (who also has a piece in Co.lab) have a piece in.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Twin Peaks Fanzine Launch

Twin Peaks Fanzine Launch
Saturday 12th August 
3pm - 5pm 
Sticky Institute
Degraves Subway, Melbourne

Thanks to Laura of Bloomurder Zines for creating this fanzine and having people, including myself contribute to it. This will be the launch event, more details to come regarding where you can pick yourself up a copy.

City Lights

Thanks to Street Art Walking and Simon Sheridan, the opportunity arose to be apart of the Troublemaker's Festival in Swansea, Wales, UK. The idea was to create your own theatre poster for an upcoming show of your own or imagining what would have been shown at the Palace Theatre in Swansea. Which is an amazing but unused old theatre building.

The lane has been dubbed Theatre Lane, where they have pasted the works up from all forms of artists. Feels surreal to have a work pasted up all the way in the UK. 

I hand created my poster with paper, tea, caran d'ache pastels, graphite and ink to advertise Charlie Chaplin's City Lights film from 1931.

^ Photographs by Dan Thompson, who with Volcano Theatre pasted the works up. Photo taken from here.

Lost & Found

You can now purchase F*EMS #8, Lost and Found online here. I have work in it, so it is very exciting to be apart of it.

                     "Issue 8 of F*EMS zine was curated, edited and published by Freya Alexander,
                                                      Tegan Iversen and Anna MacNeill in July 2017.
                                                      This issue has the loose theme of Lost & Found.
Cover Art by Brigit Lambert.
Contributors (in order of appearance in zine):
Brigit Lambert, Bambi Johnson, Freya Alexander,
Louise Latter, Eliza Stribling,
Vonne Beyer, Madeline McGarvey,
Alice Fennessy, Anna MacNeill, Sally Anne Jovic,
Monica Renaud, Kelly Robson, Kate Aimers,
Lucy Roleff, Devana Senanayake, Eliza Freeman,
Isabella Kottek, Chloe Henderson,
Kathleen Bowie, Karina Geddes, Marine Fisch,
Gemma Mahadeo, Madeleine Wynne,
Tegan Iversen, Eliza Quinn, Tanleea, TomboyBill,
Ruby Perryman, Elsa Kate,
Renée Ledoux, Elaine Fafard-Marconi and Bindy James."

Saturday, June 24, 2017

F*EMS Issue 8 Launch & Exhibition

^ cover art by Brigit Lambert, from the Facebook event invite.

F*EMS is 'Melbourne-run space for female- and woman-aligned people to creatively express themselves by submitting to our triannual zine'. 

Lost and Found (issue 8) will be launching on Friday 14th July, at Queen Victoria Women's Centre from 5.30pm - 8pm. The exhibition will run however from the 1st - 30th July.

The exhibition will feature works from artists and zine contributors 'Freya Alexander, Vonne Beyer, Alice Fennessy, Eliza Freeman, Tegan Iversen, Bambi Johnson, Isabella Kottek, Brigit Lambert, Anna MacNeill, Lucy Roleff, and Eliza Stribling.'

I hope to head along to the launch as I have a piece in the zine, however you can purchase the issues on the Big Cartel site here

 Facebook event found here. 

^ taken from F*EMS Instagram