Sunday, March 3, 2013


A couple of questions of mine were answered by musician Flume through Yen Magazine {who asked readers to submit questions}.

^ Flume.

What is the weirdest dream you’ve had?
I’m one of those people that rarely, rarely remember my dreams, so I don’t even remember.

What inspires you?
First of all, other people’s music. And if I’m lacking inspiration I like to go surfing to clear the head, get in the zone again. Caffeine inspires me, it is my drug of choice. Pretty much every song I’ve written has been after a pot of coffee.

You can read the full interview here.

I have also been trying different teas, I hope to also use my teapots a bit more. Here I am using Emilie Autumn's Basil Brew Tea. I also just recently purchased Clipper's Organic English Breakfast Tea; the packaging was one reason for it.

Oz: The Great and Powerful is released this week also, I am very excited to see it. And in anticipation for it I purchased a cute book called Everything Oz: The Wizard Book of Makes and Bakes. It has lots of interesting & fun Oz related baking & crafts to create.

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