Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Beautiful Creatures ::

Based on the best selling book {and series of four} by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl,  Beautiful Creatures takes on a supernatural love story and the path of choosing your own fate.

Ethan Wate {Alden Ehrenreich} who has grown up in Gatlin and is certain to remain there, becomes entwined with the new girl in town Lena Duchannes { Alice Englert}. The town of Gatlin however aren't so welcoming; wanting her kicked out of school, their children not associating with her or Ethan for that matter.

Lena's caster abilities are growing strong the closer her 16th birthday comes with herself to be claimed either for Dark or for Light.

Emma Thompson plays both Mrs. Lincoln and the erratic Sarafine, whom is Lena's mother who comes terrorizing the town of Gatlin like Ridley {Emmy Rossum}, the cousin had.  While Jeremy Irons plays the mysterious, town shut in Macon Ravenwood. 

The film does use a lot of the main story lines from the book but tends to take its own paths. With it still being an enjoyable film, you can definitely pick the differences.

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