Thursday, November 19, 2009

2009 folio opening.

The opening of the 2009 folio exhibition at the Bendigo TAFE drew a lot of people. There was a large range of all mediums. I took a couple of photos of what I had in the first yr room. They are slightly blurry as they came from my phone. But more were trials so I shall just put up the one.
My new doll I had created for a project in one of my classes was on display (sorry for the quite blurred image)

There was also an image that I modelled for Nicole Franklin which I took a photo of also. This photo was taken in a second hand book store in Bendigo, across from our TAFE.

The winner of the diary cover for next yrs BRIT was announced and happy that my friend Caitlin Dickman was the winner from my visual art class :) Below is my entry that I submitted.

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