Tuesday, February 10, 2009

updates #2

Ok...so it seems I shall be blogging on here a little more often. I just messed my room up but gathering up all my art thingys that I wish to get rid of this is including = canvas's, badges, kitty toys, artwork, cards & a whole range of diffent things all hand done by me.

Amoung all of it I found a lot of art supplies like 17 canvas's, charcoal, jigsaws, paint & bits and pieces. I will be over the next 2-3 weeks trying to create as much as possible so I can go to the Castlemaine Artist's Market in hope of getting my art in people's homes and making some money.

I shall be starting TAFE in a week so I think this will all be a challange for me. As I am also handmaking business cards @_@. I shall be off for now to try and fix what a mess I have made & to stress less. ^_*


tjoyy said...

nothing like a messy clean up!!

Great you got into TAFE xxx

Kelly Robson said...

thank you :) its defiantly a change in what i usually do but im sure ill benefit from it a lot :)