Friday, February 27, 2009

tafe & bits.

So I have started TAFE. Been there for 2 weeks now. Just still trying to settle into everything. I am doing drawing, photography, print making & sculpture among theory classes.

I have some new side projects also to be doing. Making a film clip for a UK band The Offering. Creating artwork in bulk for Angelspit's Riot Squad Zine Packs which you can purchase through their online store for a low cost of 5$ and you receive a cute range of deadly artwork, stickers, a zine etc. Angelspit's Zine Pack I am not in the issue just previously linked but it's worth a purchase. But looking forward to hopefully next issue.

Had a meeting with Allan's Walk about the exhibition. Looking to have it first week of October for Mental Health Week.

(this blog maybe edited through the rest of the day)

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