Thursday, February 5, 2009


I just wanted to point out my sunset postcard is now up on the My paper land blogspot and will be on exhibit in Tasmania during March and April :

I also have worked out what I will be doing for Raw Art's 2009. 2 pieces will be entered: a photograph and a whole new mixed media art piece I shall be creating over the next few weeks :).

There is also the matter of at least 4 people I need to create personalized pieces for...I know I'm doing it for nothing but I would like full recognition and that I am appreciated for it as I have only ever sold one piece of work before and it's a struggle to keep creating things when my work isn't being picked up. I haven't forgotten these people it's just I'm very stressed and have bigger projects to deal with at the moment. But please bare with me.

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Krause said...

I really like your postcard (: