Sunday, November 23, 2008


12 am : Kelly goes to sleep.

4 am: Kelly wakes up to get ready for her travel.

6 am: Hops onto the airport bus for her 2 hour journay to the Melbourne airport.

8 am : Arriving at the Melbourne airport. Finding her way to her gate and going through security. Buzzer goes off. Kelly says " I'm wearing a belt" Security " Take it off and go back through". haha. (She locks this in mind for her trip back)

9.15 am: Boards plan and is off. Kelly's thoughs " eiiiickkkk planes. AMAZING view above the clouds"
Plane speed : 920 kph.
Altatude: 11000 m.

10.40 am : Touch down in SYDNEY YAAYYYYYYYYYYY thinks Kelly. Really nice weather but shit taxi drivers. She was over charged 10$ on her first trip.

11.10 am : Arrives at Magdalena's with warm greetings. Mz Bettie says "meow meow". Magdalena makes her the yummiest tea. The nutella sandwiches and orange juice in wine glasses.

1 pm: Vesper White arrives and finishes her costume for the night. Girls get their make up done.

2 pm: Magdalena calls a taxi. All in and off to The Manning Bar for setup and sound check.

2.30 pm : Rainbow and Rhim of The Birthday Massacre arrive. Hugs and Conversations. Eventually everyone arrives.

6 pm : Kelly goes to Tea with The Birthday Massacre after receiving a shirt. She won the Tshirt design contest so people all around Australia will be wearing a Birthday Massacre shirt with her art on it. The food wasn't all that great but she had an amazing time. :D

7.30 pm -8pm : Kelly arrives back at the venue where it is getting packed. Goes and gets her all access pass :D and joins Kori in the crowd in time to see Mz Ann Thropik. Soon to follow is The Birthday Massacre. Kelly got squished in the mosh pit but LOVEEEEEEEED every minute of the gig. Blue (her favorite song) was the encore song.

12 am : The gig is over. Photos, signings and good byes were all done. Something she will always remember. Vesper, Magdalena and her begin their walk and taxi ride to Club Blink for the after Party. O.E was out soon after. Then all went to Club 77 where we all danced and O.E swept the floor HAHA.

4.30 am : All walked to Kings Cross. Busiest place. Everyone out and it's like if it was day time. Pizza all round. Kelly shouted O.E pizza but soon it was knocked out of his hand by cheeky Vesper. But tis alll fun.

5.00 am : All decide to call it a night. And get a taxi back home. Kelly falls asleep on Magdalena's couch while watching the video footage taken through out the night.

11 am: Kelly wakes up and feel so gross and has to leave very soon for the airport. WAS UP FOR 24 HOURS.

12.45 am: Kelly says her good byes to Magdalena and Vesper and leaves for the airport.

2.15 pm : Waits for the plane. 20 minute delay due to storms in Melbourne.

4 pm: Arrives in Melbourne

6 pm : Kelly gets on the airport bus back to Bendigo and falls asleep listening to The Birthday Massacre hoping her iPod will last the trip.

7.30 pm: Back in Bendigo.

( I shall be posting another blog by the end of the week with photos of the shirt from The Birthday Massacre. People all around Australia that bought one at a gig will be wearing my art. )

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