Monday, December 1, 2008

late night sketch.

My art has been going abit slow the past few days after all the hype with The Birthday Massacre tour/tshirt and the Red Ribbon show. I have all my hospitality homework to do amoung alot of other things. After cleaning my room last night and making it more livable and such I didn't want to sleep so I began to watch Bewitched and drew a quick sketch (above). I need to get more into it as I was asked to create more work for the library and also have the exhibition with mum next year at Allan's Walk Artist Run Space. I'm sure I'll get really inspired soon enough to last me forever. At least I've started somewhere with buying certain materials required and do have a theme. But where to start. ???.

ps. I also found the car I want so I can zip around doing my own thing and such. I hope I can get it :).

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