Thursday, February 7, 2013

Basil's Brew Tea

Emilie Autumn has her own range of Tea; Basil's Brew from her Asylum Teas & Tonics range. You have to get in quick when it is available on her online store as it sells out super fast. It arrives in a packaged box in a gold tin.

"A delicate, soothing, and invigorating blend of Chinese Silver Needle white and White Peony teas, American Peppermint leaves, and Chinese Wild Chrysanthemum flowers. Silver Needle tea is one of the rarest, finest, and most valuable teas in the world, harvested for only 2 - 3 days each spring." - The Asylum Emporium.

 ^ Basil's Brew Tea in my tea bag shaped strainer, T2 cup & an op-shop saucer.

 The tea has a lovely golden color to it, subtle flavors with a refreshing taste of mint. 

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