Tuesday, November 6, 2012

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Hand Made Halloween

Halloween this year was a little more rustic & hand made. I had a few months back planted Golden Nugget Pumpkin Seedlings and they have grown so big, can't wait to see the little pumpkins growing. I also this year altered a paper mache pumpkin basket with book pages, orange water color, with some inner circus fabric, gold ribbon & a black cat tag (which it sits ontop a an old children's edition of Grimms' Fairy Tales I thrifted). Standing by the pumpkins is a Paper Doll that I found while browsing the internet (unsure of original source), I hope to make a series of my own characters. I also watched Season 1 of The Munsters, my favorite show. It was a perfect little Halloween.
Hiring films from the Video Store, odd cushions, Adriano Zumbo, gardening, pomegranates, renewing the love of zines, Art Gallery events. Having my art & craft stocked at View | Point, baking treats and dreaming.  
Extra! Extra!
I am excited to have been asked to speak to Year 8 students about Chancery Lane and the street art/paste up projects & wall that flows through the whole lane (as I have work in it), I think it will be an amazing opportunity as an Artist. This takes place at the end of the month and hope to blog about the experience. I have so many ideas coming to mind about everything and that makes me happy, so keep an eye open on the blog here.

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