Saturday, January 7, 2012

A little adventure!

^ Art, Collections, Cake & Street Performers.

^ Flinders Street Station.
^ The Block Arcade, Wheels, Mosaic Floor & a Soy Hot Chocolate.
^ Sear working on a Skateboard Deck at the NGV Studio.

^ Artist's work on decks.

^ Half of a Skateboard collection that was also on show.

^ Cillian Murphy wore this suit in the film Sunshine {at ACMI}.

^ A rather large Kewpie I wish I had.

Adventures in Melbourne, exploring The Block Arcade, down-stars book stores & browsing art galleries such as the NGV Studio with the current Board exhibition & artist working. Lots of hot chocolates were drunk, macarons eaten & many inspiring ideas thought. Discovered the flash Hopetoun Tea Rooms, hoping one day to actually sit down for a tea & cake. Arrived home realising I spent a lot of time browsing & purchasing books, notebooks & magazines plus picking up street press all to do with films. I also had a fondness to toy & doll shops.

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