Saturday, June 11, 2011

:: Shaun Tan ::

Shaun Tan is one of my greatest inspirations, I love his work, and it is simply amazing. Today I travelled to Woodend with my mum to see him at the Woodend Winter Arts Festival.

The session; held at the Woodend Community Centre was sold out, and one can see why. For an hour he was interviewed and spoke about his work in great detail from types of pencils & papers he uses to the production of the Academy Award Winning short film The Lost Thing {based on his book of the same name}. The film was also screened which was great to watch.

Various inspiring words were also spoken and that I shall take away with me “Go out & look for inspiration, don’t just sit there”, this is something I really need to put to practice. It was also inspiring to hear how he was told he wouldn’t make a successful career from art but here he is, making a very good living & achieving so much. However he did state the beginning is hard.

After having a little Q & A time with the audience, Shaun did a signing; there were also his publications & film for sale. I was so excited and happy I bought my Shaun Tan Journal along that mum got me for Easter just in case, which I got him to sign; he also drew one of his little creations. I also picked up the film & book set which I can’t wait to explore.

As well as the Spotlight on Shaun Tan, his work was also on exhibit at the Colenso Gallery, which I adored. It is this cute, little rustic feeling gallery down a hidden walkway behind a Café of the same name, plus there is the Acres Wild Nursery selling seedlings & herbs. On show were original prints for sale, Story board sketches, plus texture & background paintings from The Lost Thing. It was amazing to see his work on show after attending the talk.

I haven’t been to Woodend in such a long time, apart from the Shaun Tan aspects of the day, I ventured into a book shop called New Leaves that had some lovely books and where I picked up The Evil Garden by Edward Gorey. I love little, strange picture books, so I had to have it. I also got inspired by a stripe, painted cupboard that I found in a store window {I hope to make my own}. Mum also showed me The Geri-Buskers, 3 old women playing instruments such as the harp & piano accordion on the sidewalk with weird little hats. I had a great day, even though the wind was very chilly.

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