Sunday, April 10, 2011

Supanova 2011

Today was quite long & tiring but was great fun. I took my younger sister down to this years Supanova; a Pop Culture is a plus when she is free with my ticket {as well as the train fair}. The main reason of going was Tom Felton {Draco Malfoy of the Harry Potter film series}. Most of the morning was waiting in lines; to get in, to get photograph token, to get photograph taken, to pick up photo. Then later on it was a line to get into the JB Hi-Fi Theatre to see Felton's Q & A which was great.

I also found some lovely cosplayers; one from the Cats Musical and the characters of the anime Black Butler {which I have developed quite a liking to lately}. My sister & I also spoke to Jodelle Ferland {Twilight: Eclipse} and saw Charisma Carpenter {Buffy & Angel} a few meters away from us. We also met & spoke to voice actor Greg Cipes {Kevin Levin of Ben Ten}. I liked going around looking at the comic artists drawing away at their stalls. I also acquired a new doll; Panzy the Pirate created by Pocket full of Posiez, I have been wanting one for years. Depending on what next years is like I may take another trip down.


Alysha Kate said...

eek! tom felton! soooo jealous!! xx

Victoria said...

I happen to be the cat that you're posing with :D
Do you happen to have a high-res photo of that? I quite like it ^_^