Friday, June 25, 2010

Tim Burton: The Exhibition Part 2.

Tonight was Masterclass with Tim Burton at ACMI, Melbourne , hosted by Margaret Pomeranz which you should now from the ABC panel show At The Movies. The session was sold out and due to popular demand was screened on the outside big screen in Federation Square and inside at opening of The Burton Club.

I tried to take down as many important notes in my notebook as the use of recordings, photographs and films were permitted however the ABC were filming it and most segments will be on At The Movies on Wednesday at 10pm, the website and also via ACMI's website.

^ Balloon Boy. Photgraphed by Kelly Robson © 2010

^ Carousel. Photographed by Charlotte Tizzard © 2010

The session started with talk about Burton's early years beginning with drawing and how that has helped his film career along with what was influencial during that time. Burton watched a lot of horror movies and loved drawing, as he wasn't a very verbal person and was able to get across to people what he was thinking with a quick sketch. He still does this now with creating film and everything that is involved in it.

"Like every kid I enjoy drawing, but I think it gets taken out of you when you get older" Burton explains why drawing is important to him and how it is a "...private moment of thinking." Drawing is the beginning of a concept no mater if it is a set or a costume design, drawing is involved.

^ Batmobile. Photographed by Kelly Robson © 2010

While the questions of various stand out films were being talked about clips of the films ran on the cinema screen. One in particular was from the black and white film Ed Wood, 1994 where Bela Lugosi has to make a fake octopus attack him. This film mixes Burton's love for the horror movie classics, however the film studios didn't particuarly like the idea of the black and white Burton stated but it shows that no matter what color it is in can be a wonderful film.

^ Vincent figures. Photographed by Charlotte Tizzard © 2010

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Next installment ::  Will be in the next few weeks as I take a little break to deal with some personal things and I shall create a flickr set and also upload the Media Event Q and A video that I took, it isn't very good quality at all. The next posts will just be seperate to each other, these were part 1 and 2 as I had travelled to Melbourne twice in 2 days for it. :)


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Wowee! I am SO excited about this! I live in Sydney but I'll be taking a holiday down to Melbourne around the 20th July just so I can see the exhibition. Your photos look great, I'm glad you had a good time! Thanks for sharing with us. xx

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i would love for this exhibit to come to california