Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tim Burton: The Exhibition Part 1.

^ ACMI outside signage. Photographed by Kelly Robson © 2010

Today was very exciting for me, I headed down to the ACMI in Melbourne at Federation Square to the Media Event for Tim Burton: The Exhibition. I also met with Charlotte Tizzard my arty friend so she could take some photographs for me. It is part of the galleries Winter Master Pieces and is on until October 10th, so plenty of time to head on down and view it. Even the exterior of the building has been re-touched to have a Burton feel to it. As well as this bit of the exhibition there is PLENTY of other activities to go along with the show and a small free admission exhibition titled Tim Burton Polaroids which is a selection of Polaroid images from Burtons' photography folio.
^ Me at the Beetlejuice display. Photographed by Charlotte Tizzard © 2010

Curators and Directors of the ACMI and MoMA of New York from which the exhibition has travelled from, as well as the man himself, legendary award winning film director Tim Burton. After the introductory speeches there was a small 10 minute Q and A with Burton. "I didn't grow up in a museum culture, very interative nature of things, exciting, I am very happy to be here." Burton states. "I didn't realise I saved so much stuff, I never really look at it, I sort of stuff stuff into draws. It was like an archilogical dig." The ACMI director was also pleased with the creatures that were taken onto the streets on the exterior of the building itself.

^ Tim Burton with ACMI Director Tony Sweeney at the ACMI Media Event. Photographed by Charlotte Tizzard © 2010

The exhibition was such a whimsical journey, with a collection from Burtons personal archive and his studio plus pieces from private collections. It is broken up into three key areas, and entwined together in bold colors with framed sketches covering the walls, as well as props and figurines, sculptures and costumes from such greats as Batman, and the newly popular 2010 Alice in Wonderland. Screens around the space also showed early animation work and snippets from the major films like Batman, Mars Attacks and The Nightmare Before Christmas.

^ Batman mask on display. Photographed by Charlotte Tizzard © 2010

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Tomorrow's blogspot post :: Tim Burton: The Exhibition Part 2 where I travel down to the seminar/talk Masterclass with Tim Burton and check out what else is happening when I am there + some more photographs from today.


Lightning Heart said...

gosh, i would love to see that exhibition so bad!

Anonymous said...

It looks awesome, saw some on the news! wish I could have gone!!!

TK said...

oh what a bliss to be able to attend! I am a HUGE Tim Burton fan - the man is just so damn talented & a rather inspiring producer/director......much to think on & wonder at the exhibition I would say...treasure up those memories, they last for always! TK xx

則惠 said...

不只BLOG內容很棒留言也很精采 XDDDD