Saturday, June 5, 2010

Pro1Creation Micro Zine Launch; 5.5.2010

Today was the little launch of Pro1Creation at Allan's Walk Aritst Run Space, Allan's Walk, Bendigo. Lots of little old ladies came in and had some chocolate spiders {That I made at 2am this morning} and hand ground organic coffee. The zine was made by my mum {her blog is here} and included about 6 local Bendigo Artists/Writers with a little bio with the work also. I also had my Beatrix Potter zine for sale, which can be bought on my madeit online store here and also some second hand books I didn't want anymore. Various people came in and out during the day, however was cold.


TK said...

I am fascinated by to me but am already an avid fan...desperate to learn more on this art form!!

Anonymous said...