Friday, June 4, 2010

Burton Wonderland.

I am SOOO!!! excited about the Tim Burton exhibition that the ACMI {Australian Centre for the Moving Image} in Melbourne is hosting this month. And I mean reallllyyyyy excited! They have created a flickr set for artworks inspired by the imagination to coincide with the exhibition, and I am happy to say I have a little fine liner drawing in it :) {view here} If you would like to purchase the original drawing feel free to email me :) I hope to also be drawing some more during the following weeks.

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Fanantique- By Elizabeth Lamb said...

yes, this is sooo exciting! Did you book in to see him talk? I can't wait for the exhibition either!!! Great to see you put your picture in the "Wonderland Gallery" . It definitely has that TB edge. Lizzie
PS. I have a piece in there too, the purple pirate. I'd like to submit another too.