Saturday, March 17, 2018

Chinese Tea Workshop

As part of the Zinda Festival there was a small workshop held all to do with Chinese Tea, mostly about brewing, and the different types that are popular in their culture. It was held by Angela Zheng, who will also be holding various workshops through out the year at the Old Church on the Hill including calligraphy, tea, language and dumplings. 

I learnt that with the leaf teas, you brew a pot but don't drink the first one; it is for cleansing the leaves, also allowing them to expand and open. Once poured you see the colour, smell and then sip. Tasting on both sides of your mouth. Some teas were sweeter than others, from a various leaf ones and including one similar to an Oolong tea.

Another idea that Angela suggested was making your own Orange tea by using the peel of oranges or mandarins, either drying them out in the oven or outside in the sun, adding them to the tea while brewing. You can even add some honey to create a more sweeter taste.

^ Rose Petal tea that was brewed & tasted in a small ceramic cup.

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