Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Online Course for Artists to Build Their Profile

Pop Up Art invites artists and creatives to jump online and register for their FREE online training program “Profile Building for Creatives”. 

Meet four central Victorian artists who are getting ready for new opportunities in 2015 by joining the online course.
‘Why do I want to be involved in the Pop Up Art sessions?”

Marianne Bradman is the director of the newly established Fields of Clover Handmade Gallery in Maldon, she is also a glass artist.

“… basically to learn a more professional way of presenting myself and my artists. I find
that I usually pick up a few good tips in sessions such as these.  Being
an artist can be a lonely occupation where you don't often get to discuss
things such as marketing with others.”

“It looks great! I signed up for the expression of interest. I particularly think the course could help an artist to define their respective "look" which will be consistent with the subject matter of the work they create. I certainly need help in this department!”

“Refreshing all my online art things sounds good as these days most networking and finding out new things is all about having an online presence, you are the face of your art and business”.
 Kelly Robson

“I think sometimes the easy part is doing the art, having help marketing and doing the business side is gold”.
Sarah Wallace-Smith

Profile Building for Creatives is a free online course
 consisting of 6 practical modules. The modules offer focus on the preparation of written, visual, digital and presentation materials to assist artists to build their professional profile. Register here.

- story via Pop Up Art.

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