Monday, September 29, 2014

Castlemaine Children's Literature Festival Launches

The Castlemaine Children's Literature Festival launched today at the Phee Broadway Theatre. The festival runs from today, September 29th until October 5th with a range of various activities including fairy tale puppet shows, origami book folding, theatre performances and interactive workshops all to do with children's literature.

It was a very involved launch with contemporary and traditional dancing by The Meeting Place Mob with the story; Tarrengower and Lalgambook, which has been published into a gorgeous book with the children's illustrations (and can also be purchased). The artworks of earthly tones and organic lines are on display within the Castlemaine Library.

^ The Meeting Place Mob.

To officially open the event was Mayor, Michael Redden as well as Festival Director Lisa D'Onofrio which was then followed by the cutting of a gorgeous, whimsical cake baked by Sue Edmonds. Everyone gathered around chatting and eating cake. Also within the foyer of the theatre is an exhibition, Drawn from Castlemaine, by illustrators within the region such as Trace Balla, Liz Duthie, Geoff Hocking and Rhyll Plant

^ My delicious piece of cake, the detail was amazing. Just look at that tiny mushroom.

To end the launch was a performance from the Castlemaine Circus Inc, which was very impressive with tumbling, lifts and creative cartwheels with books. It is such a great way to involve children with books, writing and reading.

^ Castlemaine Circus Inc. entertain the audience.  

There shall be more posts over this week on selected events from the festival. 

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