Thursday, November 10, 2011

Mister Joe Black

Internationally acclaimed Cabaret sensation Joe Black is heading down under in a matter of days to perform at Melbourne's The Butterfly Club for 6 nights. Before he jumps of the plane from London I got to have a little chat with him.

^ Joe Black © Scott Chalmers 2011.

Did you always know that you wanted to be on stage & making music?
No! I was painfully shy in school, couldn't even talk in front of a class! Though I was in school plays and things like that, it would be this massive build up for all of one line or something like that! But as I got older I started wanting to perform, after getting more into an alternative scene and group of friends. I was in a metal band once...but we're not allowed to talk about that, painful painful memories...!

What has inspired you throughout your career?
I've always been influenced by images and sounds. Not so much songs specifically...of course to a degree! But I try to create a vibe rather than a song; Art Deco I absolutely love! Highly influenced by 20's/30's Berlin Cabaret, as I'm sure most people can tell!

Your first trip to Australia is coming up in November with 6 nights of performances at the Butterfly Club with your Sex, Drugs & Vaudeville show, are you looking forward to it & what can the Australian audience expect?
I'm actually working on the setlist as I type this! I am SO excited but also so incredibly nervous. They can expect sing-a-longs, jaunty tunes and some incredibly dark moments among all the (hopefully) laughing.

Your new CD Vile Volumes for Villainous Children has just been released, how much work went into it & what was the production of it like?
We recorded it in a tiny studio out in the countryside, horses walking past the studio door...that kind of place! It was great, we only spent 2 days in the studio which is a very, very small amount compared to people that end up spending months and month on it. Though it's helpful that it was me who played all the instruments on it, with drums and percussion being done by Joe Marsh who engineered and recorded it all! We did piano first for all the tracks that used that, then layered on top of it all. I am so, so happy with it, it's dark, mischievous, funny and at some points actually quite sad...

If you could perform with anyone Dead or Alive who would it be?
TOM WAITS! That is all...
Joe Black
Sex, Drugs and Vaudeville
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