Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Stamp & Stitch

Stamp & Stitch; Creative Textile projects for the Primary classroom finally came around today, first meeting together {myself, Margot Feast of the Bendigo Art Gallery, whom I was doing the workshop with & 8 lovely Primary School Art Teachers} to check out The White Wedding Dress to get inspired.

We then headed over to Gallery 121 to workshop, this included creating rubber stamps and printing them onto calico, as well as monotypes & lace prints. This was then used to create covers of a concertina book. Bits of the printed calico were then used to create arty brooches after a delicious lunch at the Bendigo Art Gallery Cafe'. The brooches were also created with felt, buttons, beads, glittery thread & other bits and pieces.

Throughout the day we talked about other ideas, how they can go further and how to incorporate these into the class room, it was great to get an in look into the primary school art world. Though not creating anything myself, it was great to just step back from art & take it in {as it was my first time taking a workshop & Margot was a great help}. I did however pick up some great ideas & was very inspired by what everyone had to say & what they created.

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