Friday, August 26, 2011

artsy friday.

Today was such a lovely day in Bendigo, I parked my car quite a far way from where I wanted to go {it was nice to walk, plus I didn't have to pay large amounts of parking fees}. I picked up My Cool Caravan {from Organize My; a lovely stationary-esque shop in Bath Lane}, which has inspired me so much at the moment, though I already had the idea of doing a caravan up or having a tiny house in the back paddock, the photographs of every caravan just made me want to do this even more. 

I also finally got the time to check out the Ground Level; Chancery Lane mural project with paste ups, I am hoping to be apart of this, just need to make a few meetings with a few people first, but how exciting, I love street art! While in the laneway I popped into El Gordo & saw the latest exhibition Pretty/Ugly by Rick Whateley which was quite interesting. The show is on until September 9th.

^ One of the paste ups in Chancery Lane, and one of my favorites.

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ClaireyHewitt said...

Thanks for sharing this book, it is just what I need to get. We want to take a trip but can't afford the new style vans. This could be the source of ideas I need.