Sunday, June 19, 2011

Day Trip :: Melbourne

I was able to scrape up some coins to get to Melbourne on Saturday to meet up with my Auntie. We spent the day in the city looking at all sorts of arty things. We sat at one of the many tiny, cute cafes in Centre Place with a hot chocolate, & the Krispy Kremes we had bought earlier. I love all the little alleyways and places you can find. We made our way to Federation Square via Degraves Street.

The Light in Winter was happening, with a huge scaffolding pyramid with handmade lanterns, crocheting & material scraps covering the structure. Later that day we took home a lantern pattern for ourselves. Also happening at Federation Square was the regular book market.

NGV Studio was our next stop to see the Street Art crew from Everfresh; one part was a gallery with works, & used equipment on display and the other half was set up like their studio. It was great! Spray cans, stickers, frames, photos, scribbles, & alsorts of other weird things. We were also able to meet one of the artists before leaving.

We crossed over to Hosier Lane; a legal Street Art lane way. I haven't been there in so long, & it is constantly changing with all sorts of new work appearing. Before travelling to Melbourne I spent the night drawing up a character from The Tea Children on sticker paper to place within the lane way, & he now has a spot on the walls {I do wonder how long it will be there for}. I also made a sticker out of the artwork I created for the City of Greater Bendigo's Monthly Art Calendar; which was placed on another section of the lane way.

^ The Tea Children, Hosier Lane, Melbourne 2011

My Auntie also had placed some work up the previous week with her work clients, they were still there. It feels surreal almost to have my work in such a known place. We also found the Until Never Gallery however it wasn't opened. When we crossed back over, I could see the MCG, a huge Ferris Wheel, and the Big Top of Circus Oz; I do hope I can travel back down to see their new show, which I ended up finding postcards of at the Information Centre at Federation Square {as well as the huge banners on Flinders Street Station}.

For lunch we had a yummy Pizza from Café Chinotto in the sun outside, we then checked out the ACMI shop where I bought a cute little postcard. After sitting down to look at my train timetable to head back to Bendigo, I picked up a lot of things from the Information Centre then hopped on a train to Southern Cross {I still always want to call it Spencer Street}.

I enjoyed my day & hope to make it a regular trip, everything is always changing & it's great for getting inspired.

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Seeing this makes me miss Melbourne oh so much! :( I want to visit again very soon! X