Saturday, April 2, 2011

Exploring ~ Castlemaine State Festival.

Today I took a trip with mum to view exhibitions & various events happening for the 2011 Castlemaine State Festival which commenced yesterday and runs through till the 10th April.

First stop was the Cascade Print Workshop in Maldon, was a lovely studio and gallery in the bush. The exhibition showing Biting Issues was alsorts of prints depicting cats & dogs. There were some lovely cat prints which I wish I had the money to have purchased. Jeff Gardner {Artist & one creator of the Gallery/Studio} has amazing prints; they were lovely and inspiring.

^ Biting Issues @ Cascade Print Workshop

Next stop was The Hatchery Open Studio where we got to speak to the Artist at work Jenn White which was interesting and saw woodblock engravings she had been creating that morning. I now want a little studio in the backyard.

After the stop in Maldon we then headed to the heart of the festival; Castlemaine which wasn't far down the road. Before venturing around at some things, we had cake & hot chocolate at the Theatre Royal, the cake was scrumptious! Tangy Apricot with Cream & Chocolate cake with Ice-Cream!

^ Yummy!

^ The Theatre Royal

Ventured up and around a lovely street filled with rustic, boutiques and The Restorers Barn which was so over welming due to the amount of things inside, also easy to get stuck in there for hours. As well as a book shop {which I also get stuck in} which I purchased the lovely book The Gradual Demise of Phillipa Finch by Emma Magenta {I adore her work}.

^ Parasols that are now on my wishlist

Above the book shop is the Castlemaine Contemporary Space {CASPA} which you enter via a laneway. It was very obscure also. The exhibition on was by Ben Laycock who is also one of the Directors of the space.

^ Stoneman's Bookroom

We located one of the altered couches of COUCH, which was quite interesting! Throughout the day I saw various people of all ages sitting on it reading the festival program.

Then headed over to the Meet The Press printmaking talk & demonstration by printmaker Rhyll Plant, she had a little press demonstrating wood block prints...its name was Elvis.

^ Rhyll Plant demonstrating & talking about techniques

The Midland Hotel was the next on our list for all things textiles, I had never been here before and it was in such a great and different atmosphere. The Midland is home to Fashion Central which is a range of various fashion shops including Habadash which is filled with vintage, antique buttons, bits & bobs. Shall be taking another visit there for sure. There is also a cafe' & bar as well accomadation which looks lovely to stay in. The Midland was also showing an exhibition by Rhonda Matinez. Gorgeous embellished and decorated clothing on mannequins and elaborate pieces on display. Lots of lace, tulle', ruffles and sequins.

^ A close up of one of Rhonda Martinez's pieces

^ A close up of the back of the skirt of a Burlesque inspired piece by Rhonda Martinez

Unfortunatly I can't seem to locate a site for her and there wasn't any flyers {if I find something I shall post it up here}. After all the excitement and inspiring things we saw we headed home to have a hot cup of tea & to take in the day. My bed is now covered in flyers, business cards and exhibition price sheets. I only saw a small slither of what the festival has happening but it was good.

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Catherine said...

I love, love, love this post!! The yummy apricot cake, the oh so pretty parasols, the fab piece by wish I could have joined you at the Midland Hotel..ooooh buttons. bits & bobs!! I was sacred of clowns like that when I was little! Eek the altered couch! The restorers barn sounds worth exploring...& love the bunting at the letter box. Oh dear I do live just too far away ; ) have a lovely week. Much love Catherine x