Tuesday, April 19, 2011

52 Challenge :: Week 15.

52 Challenge :: Week 15 :: Mad Tea-Party Brooch
April 10th - 19th April 2011

I am a little late with this weeks brooch {lost track of what day it was}, but have finally created something over the past couple of days. I firstly used gold spray paint; as I was already using it to re-vamp my market table. I created red stripes ontop, the masking tape had peeled some gold off but gave it an old effect which I loved. Took me a little while to think about what to do with it next. However mum passed me a old blue colored bottle top from her collection and along with old book text it was finished. It does have a circus feel which I adore, the book it is sitting on is The Magician's Elephant by Kate Dicamillo which I am going to get stuck into this week.

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