Saturday, March 26, 2011

Market Day.

Today was The Square Handmade Market at Bendigo Town Hall. After a little rocky start to my day, the rest of it was great. Onsite with me, mum also had a stall with her mixed media fabric books amoung other bits and pieces. Saw many familar faces and friends that came to have a look. Carol, a new friend made at the last market came & also gave us a treat of Harry's Rocky Road {Bendigo based} which was so yum! with a hot cup of tea when finally arriving home. I also did an art swap with the lovely Megan Spencer, a mixed media work by me for one of her Lomo prints which I shall add to my little growing art collection. I look forward to the next market.


Anonymous said...

ooooh sooo lovely! x

TK said...

oh how lovely....I am in awe - how do you get the 'guts' to do a stall....I think it would be fab but you need to be oh so brave - and you are my dear girl, you really are an inspiration to me and I thankyou! TK xx