Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Here is There: Stephen Haley

Here is There is the recent exhibition of Artist Stephen Haley showing at the Bendigo Art Gallery. The space is filled with sound from the large projected video Driveby, the light ends up reflecting onto the opposite wall drawing, Here There that is darkened with paint and reflector tape. Between these sits 2 different but similar photographic prints.

Speaking to Stephen Haley gave more of an insight to his work, explaining that “…all machines do really is what we do already, it’s just enhanced”. We can be here but using technology such as mobiles and the internet we are also there {somewhere else} at the same time.

Haley has always been intrigued by the digital age, as well as the concept of space. Remembering even before the internet was such a huge utility, but also the beginnings with having an online journal during the very early 90’s.

The exhibition shows these interests through the computer aided design, as also seen in the Lightjet photographic print Here (255), which uses bought and free stock imagery of people for Haley to create them into an apartment-esque story of coming and going. (Here is the number of people born in the world each minute, There (107), the number that die in the same time frame)

“A letter would do the same thing in communication, being here & there but technology will do it faster”. The range is enormous, when using technology, as seen in Haley’s work; creating art is one of the many uses. “We are technology beings” he says, researching has changed also, with much information just one click of a button away.

Here is There is on until March 27th at the Bendigo Art Gallery in View Street and you can find more of Haley’s work here; Nellie Castan Gallery.

^ Here (255) by Stephen Haley, 2010 {lightjet photograph}

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