Saturday, March 5, 2011

FLARE Magazine + giveaway.

FLARE Magazine is a new little publication that has just hit the streets of Bendigo. Within its' pages it features what is happening in the local scene music wise, reviews, articles on issues, photography, art & everything in between. "This is a magazine for young people, by young people" states one part of the inside editorial. I think this is great to have something out their for young people {plus anyone else interested}, it is free {for now} in hope for donations in the future to help create and support youth events and programs within Bendigo.

I picked up an extra copy so I could do a little giveaway of it on my blog as I do realise there are readers that aren't from Bendigo on here and would be great for you to see what is happening around this Regional Town. Just be a follower, leave a comment below and a valid way of contacting you to be in the running. Entries close in 2 weeks on Saturday 19th March.


Bianca J said...

I am definitely up for another lovely Tea Children giveaway, although I would feel greedy if I won as I've already been one of your giveaway recipients!

TK said...

I would feel a tad greedy too BUT you do have the bestest giveaways!!!!

Miss Snow said...

Oh, what a great giveaway - it's always interesting to find out what's going on in other towns! You can contact me via my blog :)