Friday, February 25, 2011

Yesterday's Art Trail.

Yesterday after having my first Thursday afternoon theory class I made my way through Rosiland Park up to one of my favorite areas of Bendigo; View Street. I stopped firstly at Cafe' El Beso, for a soy hot chocolate & picked up some interesting postcards.

I then ventured to the La Trobe University Visual Art Centre to see the latest exhibition Revisitations which is showing until March 20th. It is a rather different exhibition of a handful of Artists. You can view more information on the installation work here.

Following that, I crossed over to the Bendigo Art Gallery to see the Arthur Guy Memorial Painting Prize 2011, large scaled painting works. I wasn't particuarlly wowed by many of the works but I am not a huge painter however it was interesting to see. The exhibition is on until April 3rd and you can view more about it here.

Lastley I walked back down and headed for the Library but stopped through Allan's Walk to see what was happening there. A new exhibition entitled Do you understand the sadness of geography? which is a "mixed media installation of personal effects from the 50's". I look forward to having a proper look as I had missed the opening times by a little bit.

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