Saturday, January 22, 2011

Day Trip :: St Kilda

Yesterday I travelled down to St Kilda with Mum, my 2 sisters and little niece. I have only been briefly once to St Kilda before but this time got a better feel about it, even went to the beach {which I haven't been to in years}. We walked the strip and headed to the beach after lunch. I paddled my feet in and collected shells to take home, after reading our fortune cookies. After that we walked over to Luna Park, next to the Palais Theatre. I went on the Carousel, a spider ride and hopped on the Scenic Railway rollercoaster with my sister. It was fun but a little freaky. Then with waffle cone ice-creams eaten and photobooth photos in hand we headed home. While waiting for the tram, a busker was juggling a hand grenade, chain saw & machete in front of Luna Park, he then layed on a bed of nails. Seems the circus/carnival is following me. It was a long and tiring day but it was lovely.

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