Thursday, January 13, 2011

Burlesque ::

Ali {Christina Aguilera's film debut} is a small town girl in Iowa wanting to make it big in singing and dancing. After leaving for L.A she finds herself looking for work & finds home as a cocktail waitress at the Burlesque Lounge which is "The best view on the Sunset Strip" and owned by Tess {Cher}.

Creating all types of relationships, romantic and confusing, Ali is determined to be up on the stage. Filling in for another performer, she takes her own instincts and saves the show, creating it bigger by the inspired Tess.

Aguilera and Cher both have amazing voices in the song pieces throughout which prove how much they enjoy what they do, including Tess's great love for her club which is headed for trouble.

Also staring Kristen Bell, Alan Cumming, Stanley Tucci and Cam Gigandet. The film is filled with glitter, stockings, tutus, jazz music, bright lights and of course Burlesque all in which keep you hooked and entertained.

Burlesque is now showing in Australian Cineams. The Official Soundtrack is also out by RCA Records.

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