Monday, December 13, 2010

The Square; Knotty Ladies

This Saturday is The Square: Bendigo's Handmade Market, while having my own little stall, Knotty Ladies shall also be having a stall. I am apart of this little group of crafty-ness though I missed most sessions due to weather and sickness, I have donated a couple of items to their stall.

All funds raised are to be donated to KIVA who give loans to change lives. So if you are in the town of Bendigo, head to the Town Hall and check it out.

^ Two Pretty Kittys and a Mushroom Owl {softies} created by Kelly Robson © that have been donated to the Knotty Ladies' stall.
Photograph :: Jane Maxfield

^ A Sock Bunny & Potpourri Tea bags created by Jane Maxfield © which have been donated to the stall also.
Photograph :: Jane Maxfield

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kimberley said...

These are so wonderful! You're such a talented lady! *loves*