Friday, November 12, 2010

Friends of the Bendigo Art Gallery Private Gardens 2010

^ Poppy, Daisies and Water Covered Rose, taken from footpaths on fences © Kelly Robson 2010

‘A Private Garden Tour’ is something that I wouldn’t normally partake in, but seeing as I had the chance to, I grabbed mum and my younger sister for this little adventure of secret gardens.
The Sandhurst Club in View Street was the first stop on our map, and the gardens were filled with herbs, olive trees, dwarf lemon and limes, Maple trees and many more luscious green and colorful flowers. Only ever seeing the club from the footpath out front, it was interesting.

Walking back up View Street and turning into Rowan Street, which is already over flowing with pink and apricot roses, poppies and lavender bushes, I turned down Forest Street to find a large green, art filled garden owned by artist Lyn Byrne. Bright, fruit canvas’s and stone sculptures hide throughout the front and back of the garden.

There was more to see, but the clouds rolled in with thunder rumbling and a large down pour was upon us. Further down Rowan Street were a few more charming little properties with cobble stone step hideaways and little stick teepees among the vegetable patches, were most intriguing.

At one place awaited hot brewed tea with some slices of caramel, cherry and lemon, which also included a plant sale of cuttings and succulents. The rain was heavy, but muggy when we walked back to View Street. Apart from the sudden stormy atmosphere it was a lovely day out for some scenic walking.

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