Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Interview with Josh Aucutt.

This is the interview I did with 17yr old Bendigo lad Josh Aucutt for YO Bendigo about his art.

Josh Aucutt, born in 1992.
"I grew up in Victor Harbor in South Australia, and lived there until i was 16. I moved with family to Bendigo in December 2008 and started Year 11 at Bendigo Senior Secondary College the next year. I've found my expressive outlet in art, it relaxes me, and I feel accomplished when I complete a piece that i feel proud of and see others appreciate also. Other than art I enjoy anything social, I love live music, gym and apart from that I'm keeping quite busy with Year 12 at the moment."

^ The Gates by Josh Aucutt ©

Have you always wanted to create art?
Right from when I was little I loved to do anything hands-on, whether it was painting, drawing, building things, (or breaking things haha). Art has always interested me as far as i can remember. I've enjoyed it constantly throughout school, and both my mum and older sister are quite artistic so I had that influence on me also.

What inspires your work?
I don't have a particular artist that has inspired me, but I was introduced to street art and stencils by my cousin. A particular inspiration for me was watching the documentary called 'Rash' which focuses on the Melbourne street art boom in the early 2000's. After watching it I was so excited and interested by this sub-culture and I began to develop and improve my technique using stencils.

Why graffiti/stenciling?
Around 13 or 14 I started to become interested in graffiti; I would see different illegal artworks as we were driving through the city, and it intrigued me. And although it is against the law, I developed a respect for the effort that it took to paint a large graffiti piece in a public place, particularly after I began to experiment with spray paint at home and realised what a difficult skill to master it is. My older cousin later introduced me to street art, and stencils, and I instantly enjoyed cutting them out, spraying them, and the style they have. I initially focused on using stencils to make t-shirts, but the progressed to doing more intricate work on canvas.

The story behind having your work on display at Old Green Bean Cafe':
I had always wanted to approach a business to display my art but had never felt comfortable doing so. One day my friends told me about a new coffee shop (Old Green Bean) that had opened, and we went to check it out. It was just such an awesome place with a really nice atmosphere, so I asked the owners, Chris and Zoe, if they were looking for artists to display work, and then showed them some pictures of my art. They agreed to have some of my pieces up on display and it went on from there.

Finally where are you headed in the future?
After I finish Year 12 I plan to go to TAFE to study for my Diploma of Graphic Design, however I will continue on developing my art on the side and hopefully be able to progress further with exhibitions etc. Regardless of what I find myself doing career wise, I know I'll always be cutting out stencils :)

Check out Josh's work at Old Green Bean or head to his website: krpteque.com and if you have anything more you would like to know email him at: josh.aucutt@live.com.au.

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