Friday, August 20, 2010

Conversations for Change.

Tonight I went to the La Trobe University Visual Art Gallery in View Street, Bendigo for the Craft Swap that was hosted by the Bendigo Eco Living and Bendigo Sustainability Group with support from the Gallery and the City of Greater Bendigo Council. They put this event "Conversations for Change: Sustainable Craft Remaking Culture and inaugural Craft Swap" on to create awareness on the subject. There were 3 talkers; Hayley Lau, Verity Lougoon and Angie Russi. They spoke about many things such as second hand clothes and re-making them, natural products they use and also the environment and how it can be effected and also community involvement. I found it quiet interesting. As well as the speakers there was the Craft Swap. You were to get a newspaper bag from Make Your House A Home and fill it with crafty items that you know longer use or wont use, then this was to be swaped with another who could find it useful. The bags were all placed on a table so it was a tough thing to do. Nearly all woman and men there were twice or three times my age. I did however get a bag of felt {which I use in my things}, so that was good. And mum a bag with different papers. I filled my bag up with all sorts of things from notebooks, embroidery thread, samples of various materials, buttons, brushes and paper doilies. I hope the person who picked mine up has fun with all those. Below are some black and white photographs of my Craft Swap bag, and the 2 buttons aka tokens were to have to swap the bags with.

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thats a great idea!