Wednesday, March 24, 2010

blackbird corner!

The lovely Nici from Blackbird Corner has been a lovely friend over the past few years, first meeting on myspace and our friendship has grown over the internet and the networking sites. I will always keep in touch with her. Nici was the winner of my small & first competition I have had on my blog & she has been a sweet heart in blogging about it and my blog/art & crafts. You can see the post she blogged here. She has a cute little shop in Darby Street, Cooks Hill, New South Wales which I hope sometime soon in the furture I can travel up to visit. As well as running the shop she also takes time to produce her own ranges such as screen printed shirts to sell.


dear prudence said...

what a beautiful bunny illustration, I love your drawing style x

melanie said...

Oh what a gorgeous Blog' so lovely to wander through.
Loving your style!

a bow factory said...

wahou you did this amazing bunny ! SO CUTE ! I wish I could have that gift :)