Sunday, October 4, 2009

Lip Magazine's October e-newsletter 2009.

The small catch up I had with Lip Magazine about what I have been doing with my art since I was interviewed with them last year. This is posted in their monthly e-newsletter.

“Remember Who...?”

Kelly Robson was featured in the June 2008 e-newsletter of lip. I recently caught up with the snazzy little chappy to see how she'd been going since we last spoke...

“Kelly: Since last time we spoke, I’ve got quiet far with my art. My biggest achievement for myself is to have won a t-shirt design contest for The Birthday Massacre’s Australian Tour Shirt. I have had my art in several exhibitions and works in zines and just recently I had a collaborative art show at Allan’s Walk Artist Run Space and for the State of Design Festival in Melbourne. I have a solo exhibition coming up during Mental Health Week and shall be shown through out it. All my art is still being done in my own time while I am completing a Diploma of Visual Art at TAFE in Bendigo. I hope to get further with my art in other places and would love to get into illustration. You can read about anything I do on my blog;”

- by Siobhan Chapman (Lip Magazine)

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