Thursday, September 3, 2009

GAP; sitting day.

Today I sat at Allan's Walk while my exhibition is on display. The opening is tomorrow night and there shall be lemonade and cake :D. I shall post some photos of the opening up. But here are some photos that I took today while I was manning the space. To explain the space there are to shops allocated in the Allan's Walk walkway. Shop 5 and 7 so both are being used. There is also a little office area also, behind a giant white movable wall door. The works I took photos of are just of mine. There is also an interactive art piece I have created using cards I made. Beside them is a plinth with some pen’s and people are able to share a thought within the cards. I got some lovely messages in them today. More images of more of the works shall be put up tomorrow after the opening.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck with your exhibition tonight. And thanks for dropping in and entering my blog comp :)